When Bodybuilders Quit Taking Steroids | Steroids VS Organic | Bodybuilding Motivation

Comparisons of largest bodybuilders when they took steroids versus when they are natural throughout their bodybuilding days. bodybuilding motivation at its finest
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This video discusses the scientific literature covering overall health effects of long term androgenic anabolic steroid use. This video was shot by Rashaun R (@rashaun_r) in Kelowna, BC, Canada and edited by myself. This video is sponsored by LetsGetChecked.com.

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Study Assistant: Max Edsey


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A lot of people ask me how extended it requires me to make a science explained video. This a single involved about three hours of filming (shoutout to Rashaun and Stephanie for that), ten hours of investigation (my assistant, Max, took care of that), 10 hours of additional study and reading on my part and about 20 hours of total editing time in final cut. The ideal way you can assistance me and this perform is by clicking this link:


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