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The Madness of Molly
Image by Mrs eNil
Molly is a complicated cat. Her life is a continual reboot. In the mornings she does not have a clue who she is, who her sister is, who we are, where she lives and what life is all about. Steadily for the duration of the day she starts to bear in mind and slightly relaxes. However, if any person does something the remotest bit various from standard routine (like shutting a door that is normally open) she freaks!

She lives on her nerves and has a permanent fear of getting taken to the vets. You may possibly have read of her escapes by means of locked cat flaps on my facebook web page. When she even broke correct by way of a single breaking the plastic into pieces.

We have had a particularly negative couple of days. She had to go to the vet as she keeps scratching her ears and she has made them really sore and bleeding. The complete routine of receiving her into the basket to go to the vets is traumatising for each of us!

The outcome is that she has an allergy but, predictably, the vet could not say what to. So the 1st step is steroid tablets. Then blood tests and then exclusion diets. I’m not certain that Molly and I can go via all that.

So we began with the steroid tablets. Day 1 – no difficulties, slipped 1 inside a prawn and she ate it. Day 2 – she eats the prawn and spits out the tablets – constantly. So I attempt to grab her and force the tablet down which freaks her fully so she breaks by means of the cat flap again (about midnight)! She wakes us up about an hour later screeching outdoors. I go downstairs contact her but she won’t come in. I leave her to it.

This morning I go downstairs only to learn I have accidentally locked her out of the residence for the evening. Needless to say she would not come near me!

At some point she has come indoors and I know that by tonight all will be properly with Molly’s planet (til the tablet incident once more…) and she will unwind with us until the nightly reboot!!!

Alex Rodriguez and Steroids
Image by Keith Allison

Suffolk Pink Cottage
Image by Nevertheless The Oldie
The iconic Suffolk hue on steroids…