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Teens and Steroids: A Hazardous Combo
Ali Mohamadi, M.D., a health-related officer at FDA, desires teens to know how hazardous it is to use steroids in hopes of becoming far better athletes or more attractive. The abuse of anabolic steroids can result in both short-term and permanent injury to anyone using them.
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Are Student Athletes Taking Steroids?
Does your son play higher school football? If so, he could be among the 13 % of teens playing high college football believed to be currently using steroids. So your daughter is surely secure if she plays a sport like basketball, appropriate? Sadly, no. The rate …
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Steroids utilized in sports by athletes for bodybuilding
Men and women who are prescribed steroids for health-related causes derive positive aspects with use. The exact same might not hold accurate for men and women who use steroids for non-healthcare causes. Bodybuilders and athletes can get positive aspects of steroids but the threat element involved …