Cool Steroids photos

Some cool steroids pictures:

Goodbye, Adam…
Image by stratman² (two several pix!)
Our oldest moggie, Adam sadly crossed more than to the Rainbow Bridge shortly ahead of noon, on Sept 23rd 2014. He was about twelve or thirteen years old.

Adam was perpetually sick and grew thinner considering that the beginning of the year, but could nonetheless walk, consume and roam the yard. Our vet after told us to give hospice care for Adam as it would be extremely pricey to diagnose his disease. We didn’t want to euthanize him earlier this year as he behaved generally despite his constant flu and progressive weight loss.

This was an old pic from 4 years ago. Adam usually suffered from scabies which would not go away and the makeshift paper towel over his body prevented him from licking his unsightly wounds and the steroid anti-inflammatory cream applied more than the spots.

RIP, Adam. Thanks for your companionship for all these years. Say hello to Infant Kat and Julie for me when they greet you.